newmexicoBrent has been working in the Film and TV Industry for over 15 years. He started life in the industry as a PA while making his own Sports Adventure Documentaries under the name Ashland Mine Productions. After Producing/Directing/Shooting two films, Brent opted to head back to school and learn the art of shooting motion picture film. Upon completion of school, Brent was the DP on a feature length film. In the process of looking for his next gig, he travelled to North Carolina to work on a commercial for Nascar. Brent was given the unique opportunity to take a staff cameraman job.
For the next 7 years Brent worked his way up through the Camera Dept. Shooting S16mm film and helped usher in the new era of Digital Cinema. Brent garnered 4 Sports Emmy Awards for his work on multiple Television Shows. Always wanting to push his images to the forefront, Brent used the latest technology and also built some of his own. In September of 2012 Brent left Nascar to pursue a freelance career.

Brent has not just designed the Ninja Dolly, he uses and is constantly testing the Ninja Dolly on every one of his jobs.